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Pet ownership isn’t always a walk in the park. There may be quite a few occasions where you find yourself cleaning up a mess left by your beloved pet, especially during the initial stages of house training. While it is not the most enjoyable part of being a pet owner, it is an inevitable fact of life when you have a cat or dog at home. Fortunately, Carpets Made Clean can help you deal with any spots, stains, or odors caused by your four-legged best friend. We offer professional pet urine removal, as well as a range of other carpet and upholstery care services to keep your home pristine.

Pet Urine

Pet urine and feces can be difficult to clean, especially when the accident occurs on a carpeted or upholstered surface. More often than not, you will find yourself left with a lingering stain or persistent odor long after the initial mess has been cleaned up. The best way to get rid of all traces of pet urine or feces from your carpet or furniture is to enlist the help of a professional. Not only will they have the proper cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle the job, but they also have years of experience dealing with a wide variety of stubborn stains and odors.

Pet Odors

Animals have a distinct scent that can often permeate into carpets and upholstery over time. Unfortunately, it takes much more than a spritz of air freshener to eliminate this persistent odor. No matter how thoroughly you clean your home, it’s hard to fully get rid of pet odors without having your carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned. If you need help removing pet odors from your home, give us a call. We have extensive experience assisting pet owners with the removal of pet stains and odors.

Carpet & Upholstery

In addition to carpet cleaning, our company provides a range of additional services to help customers maintain a sanitary and beautiful home. We offer upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, steam cleaning, and more. Whether you just want to freshen up your carpets or need an unsightly wine stain removed, we will be happy to help. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are perfectly safe for homes with pets and children, as well as those with chemical sensitivities or allergies.

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Carpets Made Clean provides fast, affordable, and convenient home and business carpet cleaning services for customers located throughout Los Angeles, CA. If you are looking for professional quality results, give us a call. Our experienced cleaners can provide your carpets and upholstery with thorough care while helping you address any unwanted spots, stains, or odors. In addition to our recurring carpet cleaning packages, we also offer a wide range of one-time services to help customers deal with unexpected situations any time they arise. Contact us today to inquire about our services or schedule your residential or commercial carpet cleaning with us.

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